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Carolina Color Corp. Set to Distribute LIAD in U.S.

Carolina Color Corporation Inc., a specialty masterbatch manufacturer with production facilities in North Carolina and Ohio, has signed a distribution agreement with LIAD, to bring state-of-the-art precision dosing of masterbatch color concentrate to U.S. plastics manufacturers.

Carolina Color's agreement to distribute and service LIAD products in the U.S. is a "win-win" for plastics manufacturers, says Jeff Smink, Carolina Color president, who praised LIAD's new technology as ideal for high resolution dosing of Carolina Color's G3 line of masterbatch.

Both LIAD and Carolina Color have generated buzz in the industry in the past year with the introduction of new product lines. Carolina Color has begun marketing its G3 line of high-concentrate masterbatch. LIAD has introduced a number of new technologies, including a gravimetric feeder with dosing resolution of a single pellet, an in-line multi-probed spectrometer for quality control of color, and an automated blender that creates new masterbatch shades from a small inventory of mono-base masterbatch granules.

“Our G3 reduces the costs of masterbatch by concentrating more pigment and UV within each granule," said Mr. Smink. "The ability to now dose the masterbatch with absolute precision is a perfect complement for our injection molding and extrusion customers looking to reduce their operating costs.”

In the run-up to the Carolina Color-LIAD agreement, the companies shared a similar vision as to the future of plastics production, with both companies targeting advances in color technology and line automation as key to improving the way plastics are produced by making the process cleaner, cheaper and more efficient. The combination of Carolina Color’s high-concentrate masterbatch and LIAD’s solutions for accurate dosing have the potential to dramatically reduce factory logistical, operating and inventory costs.

Carolina Color’s North Carolina and Ohio locations provide customers with full-service production capabilities and complete laboratories for color matching, testing, and analytics. Carolina Color, a 3A1 Dun & Bradstreet-rated company, has one of the strongest balance sheets in the industry. The company’s core strength comes from its ability to innovate as well as maintain strong relationships with the finest suppliers of resins, pigments, dyes and additives. For more information about G3, visit:

LIAD has been a pioneer in plastic manufacturing technologies for over 35 years, and is today the leading developer of innovative feeders, blenders and quality control equipment for the plastics industry. LIAD designs and manufacturers its products in Israel, and is represented around the world by local distributors. For more information about LIAD, visit