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A leading manufacturer in Korea for PET decoration films and sheets and also a hidden champion in that industry designated by the Authority started its commercial production with LIAD's gravimetric feeding materials at 160 degree Celsius and at 200kgs per hour throughput into main extruder line, which had been completed installation and test run early this week. The units... Read More
"…so to assure they get the maximum benefit from our G3 pellets, we have partnered with LIAD, the global technology leader, who offers low cost, easy to operate, extremely accurate and precise gravimetric color feeders…" Ronald M. Harris, PhD., is a widely recognized expert in coloring plastics and has contributed to several books on the subject. In addition, he holds 14... Read More
Recycled plastic
Recycled plastic is not only good for the environment; it costs less – reducing plastic production costs. So if the production costs are lower, why are there such low rates of recycled plastics? According to OECD’s 2018 Environment Policy Paper (No. 12), recycled plastics represents just 12 percent of total global plastics production. To understand the dynamics, let’s... Read More
Plastico Brasil 2019 LIAD
LIAD will be displaying its ColorSave 1000 at Plástico Brasil - International Plastic and Rubber Exhibition. Come visit us at HDB Comércio E Indústria Ltda, Booth G165, and speak with one of our representatives to learn more! Monday, March 25, 2019 to Friday, March 29, 2019
Propak Vietnam 2019 LIAD
LIAD will be displaying its ColorSave 1000 at Propak Vietnam 2019. Come visit us at Song Song Co., Ltd., Booth G19, and speak with one of our representatives to learn more! Monday, March 18, 2019 to Thursday, March 21, 2019
We're displaying ColorSave 1000 in Koplas 2019, South Korea and we look forward to meeting with you at Hyundai Electric & Machinery Co.,Ltd. Booth P570.
A comprehensive solution that combines quality masterbatch, a suitable dosing solution and professional consultation affords the masterbatch manufacturer a competitive edge in the market, quality results and monetary savings. These advantages open doors with new customers. Switching masterbatch suppliers in a factory involves a long process of testing and certification... Read More
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all our partners, connections and clients all over the world. We have had a very busy year and most importantly we have enjoyed working together with all of you! We are looking forward to 2019 at LIAD Weighing and Control Systems.
Electrostatic discharge in a gravimetric micro-feeding system In the previous part we explained the difficulties of using raw material charged with static electricity in gravimetric dosers in the plastics industry. In this part we'll see the problems involved in the use of a highly charged additive in the ColorSave-Micro micro-feeder, a product of LIAD Weighing and... Read More
Electrostatic discharge in a gravimetric micro-feeding system Occasionally in the plastics industry we encounter a raw material that is easily charged with static electricity. Raw material that is charged with static electricity tends to stick to the walls of hoppers, to flow unevenly and to jump randomly. If the material in question is the main material, which enters the... Read More