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A New Multi-Channel, In-line Spectrometer is Dramatically Improving Color Quality Assurance in Plastics Manufacturing

The demands placed on quality control in today's highly competitive and cost-sensitive plastics-manufacturing market have never been greater. It's easy to understand why.   Even the slightest deviation in pigment concentration, base-material optical properties, additive quantity, or quality of the injection-molding and extrusion machines can substantially alter color shading.   Unwanted variations in shading -- resulting in product rejects or excessive dosing of masterbatch additives -- negatively impact the bottom line. Today more than ever, QA plays a paramount role in providing manufacturers a competitive edge by helping to keep production costs low and quality levels high.  

Spectral technology has been a mainstay in the arsenal of QA engineers for assuring color control for many years.  But despite strides in accuracy, existing bench-top and handheld spectrometers are hindered by design limitations that impede product-line integration and raise system costs.