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Innovation in Every Dose

Innovation is the heart and soul of LIAD. Since the company’s founding in 1979, LIAD has put its focus and energies on developing new technologies and applications. This investment in innovation was first realized when LIAD introduced the ColorSave 1000, the first single component gravimetric feeder for injection molding machines, and followed by PelletSave, the first centralized blender and batch controller.

Today, as always, LIAD is leading the industry in new innovation with the release of new technologies that promise to change the way plastics manufacturing is performed.

The future is innovation

Our employees

Innovation can only happen with great employees. LIAD carefully selects its employees, invests in their training and allows them the freedom to develop new ideas.  There is no greater satisfaction for the company than seeing our employees develop new solutions that answers the needs of our clients. 

Our Partnerships

As our innovations evolve, the real success can only come with strong R&D partnerships. LIAD collaborates with scientists from the country’s top universities to develop new technologies. This is a partnership that brings value to the company, the country and the entire industry.