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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all our partners, connections and clients all over the world. We have had a very busy year and most importantly we have enjoyed working together with all of you! We are looking forward to 2019 at LIAD Weighing and Control Systems.
Electrostatic discharge in a gravimetric micro-feeding system Occasionally in the plastics industry we encounter a raw material that is easily charged with static electricity. Raw material that is charged with static electricity tends to stick to the walls of hoppers, to flow unevenly and to jump randomly. If the material in question is the main material, which enters the... Read More
This week we ran a seminar for our domestic customers, the first of 5 planned for the next two months. At the seminar they received training regarding the new features of our flagship product, ColorSave 1000, had hands-on practice with our dosers, and heard explanations about a range of LIAD's products and auxiliary products.
Uri Eisenstein, our Joint General Manager, delivered a training seminar for our partners in Southeast Asia. Participating in the seminar are our representatives from Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Phillipines, Thailand and Vietnam, who are acquiring tools for supporting their customers and providing good service. Thank you to the hosting companies, Sodick Singapore... Read More
A new version of ISO 9001 has recently been issued and we're proud to announce that LIAD is certified for this version! Every few years the ISO 9001 is updated. The previous version, ISO 9001:2008, expired on September 23rd, 2018, and the version that is currently valid is ISO 9001:2015. What are the main differences between ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 9001:2015?  ISO 9001... Read More
Join us at Fakuma 2018. Come visit us at Groche Technik, Hall A7 Booth A7-7314, and learn more! We will be displaying our ColorSave 1000.
Blow Molding Program – Part 2
In the previous section we presented a feeding system for additives in a plastics factory with a special program for extrusion blow molding (EBM), such as ColorSave 1000 which is easier for the operator to use than a feeding system with a regular extrusion program, since the EBM program "speaks his language", i.e. the language of product weight and not the language of... Read More
The additive feeding systems in the plastics industry have at least two separate control programs, one for injection molding – for dosing precise amounts in part of the production cycle, and another for extrusion – for continuous feeding. In this post we'll discuss a third program for extrusion blow molding that's present in a number of leading feeders in the field, among... Read More
Kunststoffen 2018
Join us at Kunststoffen 2018. Come visit us at 4Moulding, booth 172, and learn more! We will be displaying its ColorSave 1000 
A regular customer who has been using our BatchSave for many years requested an additional central dose mixer, but with special requirements for the mixed material hopper at the bottom of the BatchSave. The special requirements were an enlarged capacity of 200 liters, 4 outlets for loading the mixed material, and an emptying hatch 50 cm above the floor to allow the... Read More