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Liad Weighing and Control Systems is looking for Software engineer for leading the software development of an electo-optical system. Responsibilities: - Leading the development of the embedded and PC (.NET) parts of the software - Integration with the hardware - Performance of the laboratory testing of the integrated system - Participation in deployment and testing of the... Read More
Tetro Ltd.
The Chinese company, Tetro Ltd., an integrated multi discipline manufacturer, has chosen us as its leading supplier of central weighing, mixing and feeding systems, after checking extensively and testing other suppliers. At present, two of our PelletSave systems are installed at Tetro Ltd., in addition to dozens of ColorSave units.
Everyone's familiar with the method of filling color dosing systems using a Venturi loader, which is based on air pressure principles and is common to most dosing systems. But have you heard of Venturi emptying? We at LIAD have developed a unique venturi emptying mechanism for our ColorSave 1000 dosing unit models. Of course, in order to change colors in a dosing unit it... Read More
Plastic Coloring - LIAD 2018
LIAD Weighting and Control Systems proudly introduces our newest plastic technologies: ColorSave-Micro, BlendSave and SpectroSave. Click here to watch the presentation.
Happy New Year 2018!
Happy New Year to all our customers and their families, to our distributors around the world who market our products and represent us faithfully and of course to our employees. Thanks to their dedication to our common vision we are constantly advancing, developing new products, and bringing innovation to the plastics industry. We've had a wonderful year, a year of growth... Read More
PlastEurAsia 2017
PlastEurAsia 2017 was a great show! There was a lot of interest in our Gravimetric dosing unit, ColorSave 1000. Thanks to all the visitors, and thank you, Kerem Anil, for showing our equipment. See you again in PlastEurAsia 2018!
Visit us at PlastEurAsia 2017
You're welcome to visit us! Successful cooperation with our Turkish distributor at the PlastEurAsia 2017, showcasing our Advanced Single Component Gravimetric Feeder ColorSave 1000, which gets a lot of interest. We are located at Hall: 2 - Stand: 225 and you're welcome to visit us.
Fakuma 2017
At the Fakuma exhibition that took place in Friedrichshafen, Germany, two of our products were exhibited by our distributor, Groche Technik GmbH – ColorSave 1000, our gravimetric feeder for masterbatch or additive, and the ColorSave-Micro, the unique gravimetric feeder for dosing small amounts of masterbatch or additive. The two products worked with material and, with the... Read More
LIAD Weighing and Control Systems Ltd., a developer of innovative plastics auxiliary equipment, has announced it will be exhibiting its complete range of new plastics auxiliary technologies at the tri-annual K 2016 tradeshow, in addition to many products from their existing line of high-end feeders and blenders. Over the past year, LIAD has introduced 3 new plastics... Read More
A New Multi-Channel, In-line Spectrometer is Dramatically Improving Color Quality Assurance in Plastics Manufacturing The demands placed on quality control in today's highly competitive and cost-sensitive plastics-manufacturing market have never been greater.  It's easy to understand why.   Even the slightest deviation in pigment concentration, base-... Read More