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The connection of two ColorSave 1000 units perpendicularly

Many customers connect two ColorSave 1000 units on one neckpiece, using our standard dual neckpiece (see illustration 1).

A dual neckpiece is a standard hexagonal neckpiece, except that the transparent window opposite the ColorSave 1000 is exchanged for an additional adding flange on which the second ColorSave 1000 is mounted.


Two ColorSave units on dual neckpiece

Illustration 1: Two ColorSave 1000 units on dual neckpiece

What can you do when there's no room?

Sometimes it's impossible to connect two feeders opposite each other on a standard dual neckpiece. This is usually because of lack of physical space or inconvenient access to one of the feeders for maintenance and cleaning. The solution in such a case is to mount two feeders perpendicularly on a neckpiece meant for three feeders (see illustration 2).

An additional advantage of connecting two feeders perpendicularly on a neckpiece is that the transparent window remains, so one can see the material fed from one of the feeders into the neckpiece.

Two ColorSaves Perpendicularly

                            Illustration 2: Two ColorSave 1000 Perpendicularly